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Intensive Summer Programming

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For our peer-based programming, the daily rhythm includes structured activities based around each session’s theme such as cooperative games that teach social concepts, crafts, scavenger hunts, songs, stories, and science investigations.

In addition to the structured activities of the day, time for natural social interactions, such as stopping to play games, is integrated into the schedule. We believe wholeheartedly that both structured activities and unstructured play are needed to help children learn the therapeutic skills they need and then generalize those skills to an unstructured setting. Our therapeutic summer program will be facilitated by occupational therapists and speech language clinicians to provide comprehensive intervention throughout group activities

This year, our summer program will be divided into four, 2-week sessions in addition to summer kickoff week.

For our younger clients, sessions 2 & 3 will offer a half-day morning option. This will allow them to experience the fun of community and social play-based learning through an immersive summer program experience.


Summer Kickoff

A classic camp experience to start your summer off right! Every day is filled with exciting, themed activities and opportunities for choice. A fantastic way to jump into summer!

forest trees


Explore the world of land and sea! Grab your backpacks and binoculars; week one we are going to explore all that our environment has to offer. We will be discovering, uncovering, and planting some fun. During week two, clients will dive into the amazing world of marine life. Join in for hands-on exploration as we learn about fish, creatures, and other life under the sea.

chemistry beakers


From Earth to outer space! Week one will focus on conducting hands-on experiments connecting real-world materials with scientific principles. Clients will learn about the elements, make their own slime recipes, and mix eruptions! Week two focuses on life in outer space! From Earth to the outer planets, we explore the physics of space, how astronauts live in, and launch rockets!

kids playing soccer


Sports session provides a fun and exciting sports experience for your child. They’ll be introduced to a variety of sports as well as learn skills such as balance, attention, following directions, rules of playing games, cooperation, sharing, teamwork, and basic sports skills!

kids playing superheroes

Superheroes & Fairytales

Join in as we head out on storytelling adventures of our favorite characters! From classic fairytales to modern superheroes, your child will be immersed in the land of make-believe.

Final Thoughts

All clients must be able to work independently within a 3:1 client to staff ratio. In addition, they must not have any significant behaviors that interfere with the safety of themselves and/or others (i.e., aggression, self-injurious behavior, elopement, etc.) – these children may be referred for Behavioral Support Services.


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