Multidisciplinary Autism Programming

About our Multidisciplinary Autism Program

A diagnosis of Autism brings so many challenges to a child and their family. These challenges can be overwhelming, leaving families exhausted and unsure of what direction to follow. At The Talcott Center for Child Development, we can assist you in building a path that will lead your child towards success and where you, as a caregiver, can feel rest assured that your child is in good hands!

Our center prides itself in offering a variety of services that can address a wide range of needs. Following your initial intake meeting with our administrative team, we will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program, that is designed to target your child’s specific concerns. Children with a diagnosis of Autism typically need support from many disciplines, and we have a team that can provide that collaborative support.

Services that may be recommended for your child include:

  • Direct service ABA – in the home, the clinic, and/or the community
  • Consultation with outside educational professionals
  • Group programming to address social development, handwriting skills or feeding skills
  • Occupational, Physical and/or Speech Therapy services
  • Summer camp to ensure intensive intervention year round

In order to facilitate growth and progress with your child’s development, team collaboration is imperative. By receiving all therapeutic services under one roof (ABA, individual therapeutic services, and group programs) treatment strategies are cohesive and behavioral strategies are consistent. Communication goals developed by your child’s speech language pathologist, can be inspired during their ABA sessions. In turn, their behavioral intervention plan can be addressed by the entire team in order to reduce and/or foster targeted behaviors.

Our clinicians see each child with a different lens, within their discipline and therapeutic approach. When we collaborate and link those lenses, we begin to see each child in a vastly different way, much more comprehensively. Through our sight being developed, our interventions become more focused and we are able to affect greater change. Through our clinical partnerships and our collaborative treatment approach, our program is highly effective, and each child is able to thrive and reach their greatest potential.


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