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Our center acknowledges the necessity of a building a strong foundation in the early learning years. Many preschool and kindergarten programs focus solely on academics without reinforcing the skills necessary to foster successful academic experiences. This can lead to difficulty with readiness skills, such as focus and attention, as well as understanding and acquiring learning concepts – reading, writing and math.  

The Talcott Center has developed a program that includes a strong balance and combination of pre-academic and academic skills, while addressing the foundational building blocks essential for success. Learning concepts are embedded throughout the day and foster curiosity, exploration and a desire to acquire more knowledge! 

Our program is developed by a team of educational specialists, occupational and speech therapists, as well as behavior analysts. All disciplines play a strong role in developing our curriculum, while pulling from other well regarded programs, such as Handwriting without Tears in order to foster prewriting and writing skills. Skills and concepts are presented on a unique level for each child and customized to foster their independent growth. Our preschool / kindergarten program size is small, and maintains a low 4:1 child to staff ratio, to allow for individualized attention. 

Whether you are seeking out an alternative learning environment for your child, or an enrichment experience, The Talcott Center offers a versatile program to meet your needs.

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