In addition to our ABA based social groups, The Talcott Center offers a variety of group programs that address your child’s developmental needs, while facilitating social interactions. The goal of our group programs is to offer a safe and supportive environment that allows each child to create and achieve personalized goals, take risks, and explore new challenges. Our programs utilize physical therapists, speech pathologists, speech pathology assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and additional support staff as needed.

Each program requires an intake meeting prior to enrolling into our programs, to ensure the most appropriate placement for your child. Each child must be able to work within a 3:1 ratio. In addition, they must not have any significant behaviors that interfere with the safety of self and/or others (i.e., aggression, self-injurious behavior, elopement, etc. These individuals may be referred for Behavioral Support Services).

Mighty Muscles: Packed with punch! Taking a fun look at fitness, Mighty Muscles focuses on strengthening the heart, the body, and the mind. Each class offers a new experience as we jump, pump, lift, and kick our way to stronger, healthier bodies. Through the use of a variety of exercise equipment, such as stability balls, steps, and body bars, your child will develop strength, endurance, coordination and balance. Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Promoting a fun fitness program during the early stages of development encourages years of continued participation. Developed and implemented by both a physical and occupational therapist, the group is customized to address your child’s individualized needs.

Girls Night Out: This specialized program is designed specifically for preteen and teenage girls. Developed and run by our speech pathologists and occupational therapists, this program focuses on improving social skills and life skills through the use of cooking, crafting and games. Discussions of manners, flexibility, tolerance, diversity and acceptance are a core part of this group.

Camps: Our camp program currently runs after school and on Saturday’s. This comprehensive program focuses on providing play based activities to support the development and improvement of age appropriate motor skills, social skills, play skills and communication by utilizing principles from a variety of disciplines (OT, PT, and SP). Sample activities include, but are not limited to, arts and crafts, circle time, snack time, gross motor obstacle courses, and games.

Skills Builders Workshops: These innovate workshops run quarterly in 10-12 week sessions. This group focuses on developing stronger interpersonal skills by sharing experiences, identifying common interests, showing empathy, perspective taking, problem solving, being flexible, and working together as a team or group. Programs, such as Zones of regulation and Superflex are utilized to meet the specific needs of each client. This program runs in 10-12 sessions each quarter and takes a new, dynamic approach with each new quarter its offered.

Mommy and Me: Designed and run by an occupational therapist, this program is for our littlest friends and their caregivers! Join us as we laugh, roll, jump and explore! Each session is designed to foster and strengthen skills such as fine motor development and sensory exploration, while fostering the child caregiver bond.

Most of our groups run throughout the year. Please call our office to discuss current program times. Ongoing enrollment offered!

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